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Bakers Dolphin addresses Coronavirus concerns

Bakers Dolphin addresses Coronavirus concerns

As at Friday 6th March 2020:

Many of our customers have been contacting us because they are understandably concerned about Coronavirus.

We have received calls from clients who have booked trips and holidays with us who are worried that we might be cancelling them and also from people who are considering making a booking but who are worried that the trip or holiday may not go ahead.

At present, all our services – coach holidays, excursions, school routes and private charters – are running as scheduled.

We would like to stress that the safety and welfare of our customers, drivers and other staff is our top priority and we are closely and continually monitoring advice and information from the Government, Public Health England and the World Health Organisation.

The current advice from the Chief Medical Officer is that there is “no clear rationale” for events and holidays to be cancelled, that businesses should continue to operate as normal and that people should continue to live their daily lives, but just take some simple precautions, such as regularly washing their hands properly.

It has already been widely reported that if people practice simple, but effective, personal hygiene regimes, then the risk to individuals of contracting Coronavirus remains low.

To further reassure passengers, and to encourage them to be as hygienic as possible, we have taken a number of precautionary steps across our entire fleet of vehicles.

Our strict vehicle cleaning schedule has been further enhanced with the introduction of regular anti-bacterial wipes of all hard surfaces and handles.

We are in the process of supplying hand sanitisers for all our vehicles, to encourage everyone who travels with us to clean their hands thoroughly and regularly. All our staff have been reminded of the importance of maintaining good hand, respiratory and personal hygiene and we have robust emergency management policies and procedures which we are ready to implement if necessary.

With all that in mind, and taking into account the most up-to-date expert advice, we are continuing to operate all of our services as normal and we will continue to closely monitor the situation and take on board any changes in the expert advice and guidelines. If there is any significant change to the current position, we will provide further updates.

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