Meet Bakers Dolphin Coach Hire Team

We are proud of our coach hire team. Dedicated Professionals is often an overused expression, but it is certainly true with our team.

Helen Haskell

Helen Haskell,

Helen has spent 3 years at Bakers Dolphin, is a proud mother of three children and loves her dog Alfie.

Julie Whiterod,
Assistant Manager

Mum of twins, Julie has progressed her career in Coach Hire and gained a vast amount of knowledge.

Fiona Callaghan

Fiona Callaghan,
Sales Executive

With 25 years at Bakers Dolphin, Fiona is highly experienced. At the weekend her passion is gardening.

Tracey Cooper

Tracey Cooper,
Sales Executive

Tracey has over 23 years experience, a daughter at university, and loves socialising and dining with friends.


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